Tikipunga High Wood is Good - 30th Nov 2023

For the first time in participating in the  'Wood is Good' program, we were given the opportunity to showcase and share our industry to a high school.

The program is typically delivered to a younger primary-aged audience, however, after a near-miss incident earlier in the year, we recognised an opportunity to improve the health and safety of our community and our whanau.

'An Aztec (loaded) rig was stationary at a zebra crossing outside of the school, rather than walking around the rig, a couple of students took a short cut and chose to walk in between the truck and its trailer. Luckily, before taking off, the driver caught a glimpse of one of the students as the entered the area between the truck and trailer'

This incident could of ended differently, had the driver not seen these students.

But in true Aztec fashion, we took a negative and turned it around!

Following the incident, Aztec approached Tikipunga High School with the proposal to participate in the 'Wood is Good' program as an educational effort to improve safety around large vehicles.

This session aimed to educate local tauira (students) about the hazards associated with log trucks, emphasising the limited visibility that drivers have. However, the program also sought to highlight the impressive aspects of these rigs and promote truck driving as a prospective career for our rangatahi (Youth).

Attending that day was Aztec's Michelle Segetin, (Northland Operation Manager), Liam Caldwell (Owner Driver),  Vickie Humphries from 'Wood is Good,'  Ryan Drummond and Max Paku from Rayonier Matariki.

Together, we orchestrated an engaging and informative day for the students and Aztec extends its gratitude to everyone involved, we really appreciate the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community!






Matatoki School Wood is Good - 20th Sep 2023

“Wood is Good” is a forestry and log transport programme developed for primary schools in New Zealand and funded by sector groups and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“Wood is Good” is a tailored array of activities, videos, publications and demonstrations that are delivered to primary aged students to educate them on the valuable benefits of forestry. These include environmental topics, carbon storage, climate change, wood products and how plantation trees are grown and harvested in our country. 

The people from Wood is Good teamed up again with Katie from Rayonier Matariki, Chris & Jodi from Chris Angus Transport and Allan from Aztec to present the Wood is Good programme to Matatoki School. We dont know who loved jumping in the trucks the most, the kids or their teachers! Safe to say the students really enjoyed their day and learning all about forestry and road safety. 

Thank you to Vicky from Wood is good, Rayonier Matariki, Chris and Jodi and the wonderful staff and students at Matatoki School.

CAT Ltd's Jumbo WIN! - 7th Sep 2023

Royce 'Jumbo' Tehuia awarded Log Truck Driver Excellence

It was a deserved recognition for Jumbo this year at the Central North Island Wood Council awards night, who took out the Log Truck Driver Excellence category. Jumbo has been apart of the Aztec family for many years, first with Aztec Director Ken Angus, and then joining the Chris Angus Transport (CAT LTD) team. Jumbo is an asset to not only Aztec, but to Chris, Jodi and the rest of the CAT team, and the logging transport industry. He is such a humble person, and it was awesome to see recognition given to a driver that is worthy, enduring and steadfast. Welldone Jum

Opoutere School gets a visit! - 31st Oct 2022

This month Tania (Aztec) and Chris (Chris Angus Transport) travelled to the Whangamata district with Shaun and Tamati from Rayonier Matariki and Vicki from Wood is Good. The aim was to help spread the word of road safety and how amazing it is being a log truck driver. We were all very impressed with the interest that the tamarikis had in forestry and driving. Many of these children have parents and extended whanau who work in our crews, so it was really awesome to chat with them, finding out their connection to the industry. The kids had a great time climbing in and out of the trucks, asking a million questions and even getting Chris to 'pop the bonnet' on the truck and explain how the cooling system worked!

Aztec FTD and CAT Ltd (Chris Angus Transport) are extremely proud to support the Wood is Good Log Transport safety programme for schools, This is a great initiative which is funded by sector groups and MBIE, every child is given high quality books, colouring pencils and yoyos! and each child recieved safety vests sponsored by Rayonier Matariki. 

Thank you to the children, teachers and support staff for allowing us to share your day with you.

CNI Log Truck Driver Excellence - 17th Oct 2022

Aztec owner operator Raymond Bradshaw has been awarded the Central North Island Wood Council Log Truck Driver Excellence (Sponsored by Patchell). Raymond is a top operator, great at his job, looks after his gear and respected by all in the industry. This award is well overdue and very much deserved. Raymond has a huge amount of support from his wife Kristy and the family, and it was a very proud moment for them to see Raymond recieve this accolade.

Northland Log Truck Driver Excellence - 29th Sep 2022

Aztec owner operator Wayne Thornton has been awarded the Northland Forestry Log Truck Driver Excellence (Sponsored by Patchell). Wayne joined the Aztec team in 2020, and since then he has become a valued member of the team. Wayne was very humbled by this win, and perhaps one of the few times he has been speechless! Well done Wayne. 

Northland Forestry Awards - Health and Safety - 29th Sep 2022

Summit Forest NZ Ltd sponsored the 'Outstanding Health and Safety Management' award, of which Aztec Forestry Transport Developments was the winner. The nomination was based around the adaptation and inclusion of technology into our vehicles, inductions and training process. This award symbolises the hard work and effort that our contractors do to keep everyone 'home safe, everyday'. 

Wood is Good for Kawhia Tamarikis - 26th Aug 2022

Aztec, Manulife and Wood is Good went to Kawhia Primary School to deliver the Wood is Good program. What a great day out! the kids loved climbing in and out of the truck, counting logs and honking the horns (which could be heard throughout the town). Fantastic example of a local country school that looks after their Tamariki, and were so welcoming with the mihi whakatau. Thank you to the team at Manulife and Vicky from Wood is Good, as well as the staff, students and community of Kawhia.

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