MHL Haulage starts in the North - 27th Jul 2020

Matt Lusty has just put an impressive looking Freightliner Coronado witha patchel 5 axle trailer into the northern fleet. Having previously worked for Sege  Aztec Director) 15 years ago he has most recently been working for Rosewarnes on a tethered felling machine. He decided he wanted to do something for himself so has brought a log truck to work as an owner operator with Aztec. Having worked in the bush for a long time he know most of the current drivers so he should have no problem fitting in. Aztec welcomes him to the team and wishes him well on his new venture. 

Logways Ltd - 30th Mar 2019

Greg Adams has joined the Aztec team as a owner driver based in Cambridge. He was a transport manager for a large company before deciding to join Aztec as an owner driver.
Greg has put a brand new T659 with Patchell gear and a Patchell 5 axle trailer on the road.

He can be found anywhere from Auckland to the central plateau and from each coast.

A Working Class MAN in the North. - 26th Mar 2019

Mark Misa has joined the Aztec Northland Fleet with a brand new MAN with a 5 axle Patchells trailer based out of Maungakaramea. Mark has come from a background of owning and operating tippers in Auckland but has made the move north and wants to try his hand at something different. Mark has had advice from different operators about how to set up his unit, he has also added his own intersting innovations.  Aztec welcomes him to the fleet and wish him the best in his new venture. 

Another T659 for the Segetin Fleet - 26th Mar 2019

Steve and Kathy Segetin have added a second Kenworth T659/Patchells 5 axle trailer combo to their fleet based just south of Kaiwaka. Their first 659 named "the Sundance Kid" went on the road in October 2018 with the Segetins son Shawn behind the wheel. They were so impressed with the truck they immediately ordered a second one which has gone on the road in late March 2019, this one being named "Desperado". Archie Connelly who is one of the Sege's long term drivers has come back from a temporary break to drive it. Steve, Shawn and Arche are all very impressed with the T659 set up.  

BTK Trucking - 24th Sep 2018

Brad & Karley Capper have brought a K108 from Aztec Director Steve Segetin and have created Brad's dream of BTK trucking named after their three kids.

Based in Rotorua Brad has many years under his belt driving logging trucks and is enjoying being an owner driver for Aztec having such varierty of work.

Ngatuwairangi Transport - 29th Aug 2018

Ryan Teddy has been driving logging trucks for the past 25 years and has always dreamed of owning his own truck,Ryan has Purchased a 2011 K200 off Aztec Director Steve Segetin and Ngatuwairangi Transport was born.

He is Rotorua based and will be found anywhere Between Taumaruni to Auckland.

New K200 for Ben Thomasen - 6th Aug 2018

Aztec Contractor Ben Thomasen has replaced his Freightliner Argosy with this impressive Kenworth K200 working for Aztec in the Central/Hauraki region, Aaron Herbert is the driver with Ben doing the odd day Aaron is away, The truck is fitted with Patchell logging gear and a Patchell 5 axle trailer.

Joseph Wiseman new Isuzu - 21st May 2018

New Aztec Contractor Harmony Enterprises Ltd owned and operated by Joseph and Jillene Wiseman of Tauranga have put a new Isuzu on with Kraft logging gear and Kraft 4 axle trailer, Joseph has been driving log trucks for the past 5 years and wanted to take the next step of being a owner driver.

Joseph will be working in the central north island, King country and Hauraki Regions.



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