Dan Wallace new T610 - 9th Apr 2018

Owner Driver Dan Wallace of Northland Forest Haulage has replaced his 2014 K200 Aerodyne with a new T610 Kenworth, Dan is very impressed with his new T610.

Dan is based at Ruakaka and works for Aztec north from Auckland to Kaitaia.

Mike and Mary Lynch new K200 Sleeper cab - 19th Mar 2018

New Aztec Contractor Mike and Mary Lynch of Coastal Log Haulage have put a new K200 sleeper cab and 5 axle trailer on the road based from Mount Maunganui

Mike is at the helm and can be found anywhere from Taumaranui to Auckland.

Mike is alot of experince behide the wheel, He has recently come back to NZ from Australia after a number of years driving road trains.

Triple S new Scania - 30th Jan 2018

Aztec contractor Darin and Kathryn Absalom of Triple S Transport have put on a new R620 Scania.

Darin and Kathryn had a truck and trailer curtainsider unit carting freight but Darin wanted a change.

Darin is behide the wheel based from Mount Maunaganui roaming the central north island.

Bryan and Joy's new Volvo for Hauraki. - 31st Oct 2017

Bryan and Joy have put this stunning new complete unit on the road based in the Hauraki region, the Volvo replace's the Kenworth, the Volvo is fitted with new Kraft gear and is a credit to all.

Dont ask Joy about her new roof on the house!

Bulls new Mack. - 16th Oct 2017

Aztec contractor "Bull" Rainsford and his wife Angela have put this new Mack Trident on the road in based in Te Puke.

Caleb Short follows his fathers footsteps. - 16th Oct 2017

Caleb Short, has put this new Volvo on the road in Aztec's colours following his fathers footsteps, this unit is complete with Patchel gear and is based in Rotorua.

Central Island latest addition Mack. - 16th Oct 2017

Aztec contractor "Central Island transport" has put this Mack on based in Tokoroa with Phil Davey's driving it.

Dean Carter's second Kenworth. - 16th Oct 2017

Aztec Northern contractor Dean Carter has added a second Kenworth into the Aztec Northern fleet with "Rigger"driving the Kenworth roaming the north daily.

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