Tikipunga High Wood is Good - 30th Nov 2023

For the first time in participating in the  'Wood is Good' program, we were given the opportunity to showcase and share our industry to a high school.

The program is typically delivered to a younger primary-aged audience, however, after a near-miss incident earlier in the year, we recognised an opportunity to improve the health and safety of our community and our whanau.

'An Aztec (loaded) rig was stationary at a zebra crossing outside of the school, rather than walking around the rig, a couple of students took a short cut and chose to walk in between the truck and its trailer. Luckily, before taking off, the driver caught a glimpse of one of the students as the entered the area between the truck and trailer'

This incident could of ended differently, had the driver not seen these students.

But in true Aztec fashion, we took a negative and turned it around!

Following the incident, Aztec approached Tikipunga High School with the proposal to participate in the 'Wood is Good' program as an educational effort to improve safety around large vehicles.

This session aimed to educate local tauira (students) about the hazards associated with log trucks, emphasising the limited visibility that drivers have. However, the program also sought to highlight the impressive aspects of these rigs and promote truck driving as a prospective career for our rangatahi (Youth).

Attending that day was Aztec's Michelle Segetin, (Northland Operation Manager), Liam Caldwell (Owner Driver),  Vickie Humphries from 'Wood is Good,'  Ryan Drummond and Max Paku from Rayonier Matariki.

Together, we orchestrated an engaging and informative day for the students and Aztec extends its gratitude to everyone involved, we really appreciate the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community!






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