Opoutere School gets a visit! - 31st Oct 2022

This month Tania (Aztec) and Chris (Chris Angus Transport) travelled to the Whangamata district with Shaun and Tamati from Rayonier Matariki and Vicki from Wood is Good. The aim was to help spread the word of road safety and how amazing it is being a log truck driver. We were all very impressed with the interest that the tamarikis had in forestry and driving. Many of these children have parents and extended whanau who work in our crews, so it was really awesome to chat with them, finding out their connection to the industry. The kids had a great time climbing in and out of the trucks, asking a million questions and even getting Chris to 'pop the bonnet' on the truck and explain how the cooling system worked!

Aztec FTD and CAT Ltd (Chris Angus Transport) are extremely proud to support the Wood is Good Log Transport safety programme for schools, This is a great initiative which is funded by sector groups and MBIE, every child is given high quality books, colouring pencils and yoyos! and each child recieved safety vests sponsored by Rayonier Matariki. 

Thank you to the children, teachers and support staff for allowing us to share your day with you.

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